One of the lovely things about SF is that it is full of dreams. Dreams are important. Dreams make the difference between reaching your goal and not even attempting to strive for it in the first place.


That’s why I like to give my character’s dreams.


In Cyberius III, Sherri’s dreams are for a successful colony, a colony that is independent from Federation support where the people are content and happy to work and one that is growing yearly in population and wealth. Jonathon’s dream, like most of those in the PIACT department leans more towards a galaxy in peace. He knows this will never happen completely but feels his efforts have helped keep things more peaceful than they could have been.


In Poseidon VII, Anis, has her dreams. Her first husband betrayed her, shattering her dreams of a family and close knit relations. Instead her Company, the colony, became her family. Through caring for them and bringing them to success and completion she satisfied her nurturing desires. Steve, on the other hand, appears to be dreamless. Yet he longs for a place, with wide oceans and blue open skies, where he can pursue his own hobbies and activities. Then, when his love for Anis takes over, his dreams change to match her own, giving him instead the freedom of space and, of course, Anis.


So, what do I dream? I have regular dreams. Of course I dream of having ten books in the New York Times bestseller list all at the same time LOL. I think that’s something that every author would love.


Besides the usual things like family and home, though, I have one dream that I’d love to see.


I’d love to see my books become movies.


Not so much for the money not that I would complain, hey, who would turn down a million dollar paycheck? But because, in my mind, these are movies. I see them pan out in my head, scene by scene, as if actors had their roles down pat and understood instinctively how harsh and unforgiving space can be. I almost feel like I’m there with them in Panasonic vision as they live, love and sometimes die in my worlds. I’m rooting for the heroine, I’m dreading the villains and praying hero and heroine survive the ultra-harsh blizzards and cold, stark vacuum of space.


Maybe that’s why I love writing so–because there, out amongst the stars within my dreams, is where my heart lies.



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