I’m not talking about “Drugs” persay, but I am talking about Ritalin. What is your take on this? I’ve been reading different opinions on it, watched Dr. Phil about it (yes, I have no life…….kids are grown, it’s that or painting my toenails ten times a day and I just don’t have the patience for that). Plus my daughter works within the school system and tells me ‘stories’ about certain kids.

I have to say that I do NOT agree with medicating children under the age of five. I’m not talking about the obvious ‘special needs’ that we see in kids this age. I’m talking about the ones who simply need discipline, not drugs. I’m talking about the ones who are two years old and are reduced to being ‘stoned’ because a daycare teacher has trouble and/or the parents at home can’t handle them. Ummm…….what two year old do you know that HAS an attention span? To say that they’re ADD, or ADHD, is just ridiculous. If they’re bouncing off the walls, throwing things, can’t eat, etc, that’s one thing. But to take away their energy because you can’t handle them? If life were that simple my husband would be on it, so I wouldn’t have to deal with him!

When my kids were younger they were very energetic. They climbed the furniture, painted the walls, ran for the road, you name it. But did I medicate them? HELL NO! Did I spank them? That’s another blog. I did discipline them, and when it comes to their safety there can be no second chances. Whatever you choose to do is your business, but I worry that we’re in a world where parents are working so hard and so long that they just don’t know what to do with their kids anymore. It’s really sad.

I’m not judging people who do medicate their kids. I’m questioning how easy it happens. Are there enough tests done first? Has every angle been exhausted? And another thing. I’ve been told that kids who are diagnosed with ADD and/or ADHD end up at school with nothing but SUGAR snacks. HELLO! If all I did is eat sugar all day, not only would my breasts continue their trek to my feet, but I would be high as a kite. That’s why we grandparents love to fill up the kids with sugar just before they go back to their parents – not when they first arrive!

I want some feedback on this. What do you all think about how we medicate our children? When my kids were in school, this was unheard of. Now I can think of some who needed it, but I can also remember when the kids were handled with more discipline than they get now. Please don’t get down to a two year old and ask “are you angry?” or “Did you want to talk about something?” PLEASE! He/she is TWO years old! Damn right they’re mad! They probably want to kick the crap out of someone or something, but we have to channel that energy. We have to help our children become the man or woman they were meant to be. And not with the use of drugs.

That’s my blog for today!


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