Hi, Bonnie, and thanks for having me! Well, I’ve finally solved my drunken keyboard problem by getting a new computer. Ya’ll probably don’t know this but my keyboard just started dropping letters and the shift key didn’t work. It was pretty hysterical though as it looked like I was a drunken typist! The t’s, y’s and anything else wasn’t showing up so I came up with some pretty interesting words…

 But, enough of that. I’m here know thank goodness! Ok, well, about myself. You know I think that’s the hardest question people ask. I’m a mother of four (three from a previous marriage) and and grandmother of four. Our last child is 14 and he’s a charmer. My husband, thank goodness, is now stationed at Ft. Carson. Yes, he’s a captain and he turned down a promotion to stay here. (We really like Colorado.) He’s been deployed three times and is DEFINITELY the inspiration for my heroes. Can’t help myself. No, he isn’t exactly like them–they all have their unique qualities, but there’s always some trait I touch on in him, as well as myself at times, that I seem to put in the characters. Perhaps this is because it’s what I know and they say you should write what you know (course, that only goes so far). Emotions, thoughts, are all something intimate in us, yet something we share with others.

I’ve been through an abusive marriage, and this gave me the impetus to write On Danger’s Edge. (It’s available in e-book right now but will be in print around March.) In this story, the heroine, Rorie Linsday, is still working through her emotional baggage from her first marriage and the hero, Tom MacCallum, who’s lost people close to him, is burdened with guilt because he felt like he should have been there to save them. Throw in some terrorists who are after them, and you have quite a mix! As Bonnie mentioned, this book is up for the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award. Wish me luck! Here’s a short blurb just to give you a better idea of the story:

Fear be damned…

…is the code photojournalist Rorie Lindsay lives by. Free of her abusive ex-husband, she celebrates her divorce with a one-night stand then heads to her next photo shoot in the Panamanian jungles, thirsting for adventure. Finally sensing her life is her own, Rorie relishes her autonomy until guerillas take her small troupe captive. Now, in order to survive, she must match wits with the soldier who came to save her—Chief Warrant Officer Tom MacCallum, the same stranger she’d spent one incredible night with.

Tom couldn’t forget the passionate brunette he’d bedded—a vain attempt to assuage his guilt over a comrade’s death. Like his father several years before, Tom had been unable to save his friend. Driven in his Special Forces missions, the failures haunt his private life. Because loved ones die, he’s refused to commit himself to a woman. Still, he longed for something with Rorie. Unable to find her again, he’s encouraged when he sees she’s in the party he’s rescuing—until the rescue effort goes awry and he finds the terrorists hot on their trail. Now, both their lives and their destinies are…

…On Danger’s Edge.

This is the first book in a series, however, each book can be read alone. I plan five–the first four have heroes from the same Special Forces A-Teams. The last book will be Chris Ferguson’s story, the CIA agent who’s been in each book. It’s funny, I actually decided to write the series after I wrote On Danger’s Edge as I just fell in love with the secondary characters. The second book is already out in e-book as well–Intimate Deceptions.  It’s about the weapons sergeant on the team, Brodie Crawford and his first and only love, Elena Ramirez. Here’s a short blurb on that –“Repressed desires flare when Special Forces Seergeant Brodie Crawford aids Elena Ramirez to save her child, one who bears a striking resemblance, not to her ex, but to Brodie.” So far the reviews have been great! Coffee Time gave me FIVE CUPS and another reviewer gave me a RECOMMENDED READ.

I also have a more chicklitty type book out but its hot! Cutting Loose is a fast, fun read where the hero and heroine are definitely into some monkey business! Mira Harper is a geeky zoologist out to save her favorite chimp from being sold. Gary Staunton is an ex-pro football player who is now the exec of his own advertising firm and needs a sexy voice–Mira’s. To Mira, atheletes are to be avoided at all costs. However, after the accident he’d had, he didn’t think any woman as good as Mira would be worthy of him. But sparks fly when her sister and the chimp, Sara, get in the mix and play matchmaker! (Hehehe, like I said, this is all fun. I’d like to write at least one more of these — on Mira’s sister Danielle. So we’ll see.)

Both my website and the Cerridwen Press website have excerpts is your interested in reading them! Here’s some links to get you there:

And I’ll mentioned here, as I told Bonnie, I’ve become a fitness nut over the last five years–driven my my health and things that happened to my family. Perhaps I’ll talk more about that tomorrow? If ya’ll would like to hear it. LOL! But this is probably enough for everyone from me for today. Don’t want to overstay my welcome.

Thanks again, Bonnie, and I’ll see you all here tomorrow!

Many Blessings,


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