That’s what they say, but I’m thinking I could live without worms.  It doesn’t make getting up early sound very appealing, does it?  Who came up with that saying? 

Yes, I tend to ramble.  Sorry about that.  Thanks for introducing Paolo to us.  What an interesting character.  He sounds like me when I wake up in the morning – all tattered and torn.  But I’m not someone you’d like to read about – and Paolo is.

Tell me something – do you believe in ghosts?  If so, why?  Have you ever seen one?  Felt one?  Perhaps that cold sensation?  And if not – they why write about them?  Is it easier or more difficult to write about something you believe in?  Do you find yourself defending those beliefs?  Or trying to convince yourself they’re real?

What is your favorite genre to read?  Do you have to have romance in your books – both those that you read and write?  I like to have someone to root for at the end of a book.  I need to have something more than just a ‘good guy vs. bad guy’ scenario.  There doesnt’ have to be sex, but at least tell me there’s hope for a good … time. 

Tell us more!!  Don’t stop now. 


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