Sharon Donovan is a morning person. She is often up before the birds and enjoying a hot cup of coffee, while working at her computer. After being diagnosed as a type I diabetic when she was only six, Sharon’s vision began fading, but not her love for writing, which comes from her heart. No longer able to paint because of her vision, she began listening to audio books. After enrolling in creative writing classes, she began painting her pictures with words. Her stories come from the heart and touch the reader deeply. I love her website and the covers on her books are awesome.

Echo of a Raven is an inspiring read. This was a story I could relate since I have a child in the family, who was diagnosed at eight with diabetes. One can practically share in the fear of uncertainty and foreboding as Sharon ponders on her future. Sharon Donovan unquestionably has composed a motivating story of love. She shares her struggles with living with diabetes at an early age, to undergoing the many steps of her blindness. It would be easy for Sharon to stop in her tracks and feel sorry for herself, but throughout it all, she maintains a positive attitude in this dazzling read.

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