Both have their place in a readers to be read pile, at least in my mind. Both genres have their advantages.

Erotica- My main thing is that there is more than just sex. I like a story line along with it that makes it enjoyable to read. Though I have read all kinds of Erotica. My least favorite is when the characters just seem cruel. I have to feel for the characters and want to see them try new things. The heat level is nice and I like that a lot. Just above all, like I said before, I want there to be substance to the story.  Details are nice and I can fully enjoy what is going on in the story. Sometimes it can be good just to have it all spelled out but to see how each writer can take their sensual scenes and describe them. Each scene is different from the next. The trust has to be there and I like to see how I like to see how it is bult.

Main Stream Romance- I like this best of all. There is some heat, but a lot of stuff is kept behind closed doors. Sometimes that is what gets me going the most, that I am left to imagine what happened. There are so many different ways to have this written. But the couples focus on the relationship more.

Both genres can be done in any sub-genre like fantasy, historical, or even paranormal. I have even seen some classic stories re-told in various ways. Authors can be so creative and it is fun to see what they imagine even though it can be twisted. The heart at the end is what drives the story through.

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