The title above is part of a poster I have on my office wall. And I couldn’t agree more. I am currently writing the second book in the Celtic Series, THE CELTIC WITCH AND THE SORCERER. Although, I like to have my hero’s flawed in some way, Laird Tremayne Campbell is a sexy sorcerer, a real anti-hero. He is the epitome of a bad boy.

So why do we love bad boys? Is it that we are attracted to the forbidden? Mother told us to stay away from boys like that, so we naturally gravitate to them. Or are bad boys exciting? You can’t see a bad boy sitting on his bum watching TV all day long. No, they are out there have fun adventures and getting into all sorts of trouble.

With so much wickedness inside, they must be wild in bed. Or perhaps it is a woman’s nature to want to save a lost soul. To bring love to the ultimately wounded and have them love in return.

Maybe it is all the above that makes women swoon over these naughty alph-males. I know I am hooked. Now that I have written Laird Tremayne’s sensual exploits, I am in lust!

Bring it on bad boy! 

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