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Sexy to Go, Volume 1 offers a collection of stories from mild to scorching by top-selling authors.

Here’s an excerpt showing what you’ll find:

Punishing the Messenger by Tara Quan

She tried to get up. “I didn’t know. I’m sorry….”

With a low curse, he circled her waist with one arm and helped her into a seated position. “Under different circumstances, I’d order you to your knees and have you earn my forgiveness.”

Her breath hitched at the proposition. She couldn’t help but imagine herself at his feet, his hand clutching her hair, her fingers unbuckling his belt. The way he surveyed her sent a shiver down her spine. When their gazes met, she felt her pulse on her fingertips.

“I told you not to look at me like that.”

Fearing he’d somehow glimpsed her fantasy, she bent her head and examined the hands she’d interlaced over her lap. “How do I look at you?”

“Like a lover, daring me to take charge.” With surprising finesse, he pulled the clip off her hair. “Unless it’s what you want.”

A cloud of tresses cascaded over his hand, the tips grazing her ribcage. “Of course it isn’t.”

“You’re lying.” He caught her nape in a vise-like grip. “And I warned you about a lesson.”

She yelped as he undid the rest of her buttons. The sides of her shirt parted to reveal a white, unpadded bra. When he brushed the pad of his thumb over the thin, translucent satin, her nipples beaded under the cloth. “I…. You…. We can’t….”

“Why not?” He blew a hot breath down her cleavage. His teeth grazed the swell of her left breast, his tongue darting to taste her dampening skin. When he nipped her, the unexpected sting made her nipples draw tighter.

Heat bloomed between her legs as he sucked hard enough to leave a mark. Her mind consumed by a red blaze, she couldn’t come up with a good reason to stop. He trailed kisses up the slope of her neck, lifting one hand to cradle the side of her face. His grip over her nape strengthened a split second before his mouth slanted over hers.

She parted her lips, her head tilting back in a silent invitation for him to plunder. Needing an anchor as her world spun, she closed her fingers over his wrist and held on. Icy flames spread as their tongues tangled, the erotic burn licking her skin and scorching her from the inside out. Her hands slid down his muscled arms, her waist bending as she sought contact with his body.

A twinge at her abdomen broke through the sensual haze. When she tensed, he drew back. Expecting him to let her go, she gasped when he lay down on the sofa and pulled her with him. With one hand on her hip, he caged her against the low backrest.

Her shallow pants warmed the white leather as he caught her hip with one hand. His other arm snaked under her neck, looping across her chest to grip her shoulder and lock her against his torso.

“Why are you doing this?”

He ground his erection into her bottom. “Just making sure you don’t hurt yourself.”

Callused fingers slid up her skirt, trailing over her sensitive inner thighs as he held her in place. Surrounded by hard muscle and the musky scent of his cologne, she couldn’t move or think. Breathing became a chore once he yanked her panties down to circle her knees.

Blunt nails scraped her skin as he reached between her legs. The fleeting invasion ended before she could react. Slick moisture coating his forefinger, he drew a line up the center of her torso, stopping at the sensitive underside of her breasts. “Shh….”

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