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Sexy to Go Volume 2 – Allyson Lindt

Sexy to Go is back with 11 new stories full of sensuous aliens, shifters, stranded commuters, dominant husbands and naughty neighbors. Check out what’s new in Volume 2 – we promise to tempt, tease, and deliver the hotness you desire!


Roll Against Fantasy by Allyson Lindt
A daring trip to a topless beach goes from hot to scorching for Tasha when Ryan pushes all the right buttons, both physically and through fantasy, and strips away her inhibitions.



“It doesn’t matter how many times you ask, I’m still not into girls.”

He twisted free from my grip, caught my wrist, and placed my index finger in his mouth. Pleasant chills raced up my spine when he ran his tongue along the fingertip. “How do you know?” he asked.

The conversation was more amusing than irritating, and the seductive nudging didn’t hurt either. It also didn’t change my mind. “I just know.”

He nodded at something behind him. “See that girl over there. Pink striped bottoms?”

I might as well play along for now, especially if he was going to keep trying to convince me. I pushed myself up on my elbows so I could look past him. “The blonde with a tan almost darker than my hair?”

“Do you think she’s cute?”

“Yeah, so what?” I turned my attention back to him. “You used to check out guys with me all the time…” I trailed off when I realized how weak my argument was. Even if I hadn’t realized it back then, when we’d still just been friends, Ryan completely swung both ways. Otherwise things wouldn’t have worked out with Seth.

I sat up, pulled my legs to my chest, and rested my forehead on my knees. “I’m still not interested.” He shifted on the towel until he was sitting behind me, legs on either side of my hips. He tugged my shoulders, until my back rested against his chest. “This isn’t about me, it’s about you. Tell me you can’t picture yourself kissing her.”

I leaned more into him. “I can’t picture anything like that.” We’d reached the part of the conversation where I normally stopped listening to him trying to persuade me. This time, though, my imagination had dived off in a different direction.

The reminder of Seth had familiar images gliding through my head. How enticing it was to see him making out with Ryan. The memories danced under my skin, lingering with whispers of sensation. My nipples tightened, and desire snaked through my body.

“Are you sure you’re not interested?” His whisper tickled my ear. Instead of interrupting the onslaught of images in my mind, Ryan’s voice mingled with them. “Those full, pink lips. Her tiny whimpers when her chest brushes yours. A sweet voice, begging you not to stop?”

I growled to hide how vividly I pictured his every word. Why was this getting to me? “Why is this such a big deal to you?”

He drew his tongue down the side of my neck, and closed the kiss with a nip of his teeth on my shoulder. His words vibrated through my skin. “Because I’m a guy, and I think it’s hot. Besides, I think you’d like it if you gave it a chance. Imagine meeting her for the first time.”

I closed my eyes, not sure if I wanted to block out the images, or focus on them. I did know the heat radiating from me had very little to do with the sun anymore, and dampness was growing between my legs.

His voice had an almost hypnotic quality. “She’d be entranced when she saw you. Your gorgeous red curls. Freckles in all sorts of interesting places.” His palm slid up my chest, and his thumb brushed my breast.

I pushed his hand back to neutral territory. “It’s a topless beach, not an exhibitionist resort. People are watching.” Despite my protest, another layer of anticipation raced through me at the words. Neither one of us minded being watched.

His smooth tone never shifted. “If they are, they’re probably enjoying it. Stop changing the subject. Even with that tan, I bet her skin is like satin.”

His words drew me into a waking trance, painting dream-like images in my mind. My resistance hovered at empty.

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