I’ll leave you with an excerpt from ‘Dancing With Fate’ where the two main characters first meet.

She was the loveliest woman Myrddin had ever seen. Spellbound, he watched her step from the falls. He should have turned away but he found it impossible not to watch her as she dried herself. When she started to dance, he was captivated by her grace and the eloquence of her movements. She seemed unconcerned about her nakedness. Not that she had anything to be ashamed of; such exquisite beauty should not be covered. Long, dark red-brown hair fell like a veil of silk to below her knees. Her skin was smooth and flawless; her breasts were firm and high, full but not heavy, above a tiny waist.

Her rounded hips undulated sensuously in time to her singing, while her upper body remained perfectly still, apart from the expressive movements of her arms. Her legs were slim and very long and she moved on tiptoe, her small feet scarcely seeming to touch the ground. Between her fingers, she held a long piece of silky material, which she swirled around her, until it seemed almost like a living thing.

Myrddin watched, enthralled. He’d never known anyone to dance as she did. The way she swivelled her hips had him mesmerised. Her voice was soft and clear, with a haunting quality. It reminded him of the musical bells of Maes Gwyddno, the civilization that now lay drowned beneath the sea. At times of danger, if one listened hard enough, one could hear the bells ringing from beneath the waves.

Moreover, it may have been a trick of the light, but she seemed to radiate a soft glow, pure and shimmering. He shook his head in disbelief. He must be imagining it. He’d eaten nothing since dawn, this was surely a vision brought on by weakness from hunger.

Myrddin crept closer and a twig cracked underfoot. Before he could take cover, the beautiful dancer stood motionless. Her eyes, green as the depths of the ocean, looked directly into his.


 How long had he stood there?  Should she risk using her magic to make him forget?  One look at his face however, and all such thoughts flew from her mind.  A strong jaw, firm mouth and eyes as blue and gentle as the Aegean Sea set her heart beating with unexpected desire.  Golden hair, rivalling that of Apollo himself, touched his broad shoulders.

He was young.  He wore an inar or tunic, fastened with a leather belt, and long truis clad his legs.  Common soldiers’ garb – but she was sure he was no soldier.  He had the bearing of a chieftain or a nobleman and his brat, draped over one shoulder, was fringed and decorated in rich colours – the mark of someone of high standing and nobility. He was very tall, and slender, and there was a strength about him.  He reminded her of a tree that would bend in a storm but not break.  That was not all.  His aura told her he was, indeed, no ordinary man. Never had she seen a mortal man so striking.    Perhaps not as devastatingly handsome as some, but his face was oh, so pleasing to look upon.  There was unique character there, something that set him apart from his fellow men.  It went deeper than mere good looks.  She felt she could gaze at him forever.  She would have touched his mind with her own but at that moment he spoke, the rich timbre of his voice sending shivers through her soul.
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