This is an excerpt from the second book in the Celtic Series. It has not gone through the editing process, so please keep that in mind.

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The Celtic Witch and the Sorcerer


         Gavenia lay down on her soft bed, her body was exhausted, but her mind was alert with

excitement. She must force herself to sleep while she can. At midnight, she would escape Gleich Castle and

 ride through the night to freedom.

Slowly, very slowly, her eyelids lowered and she drifted into sleep.

“I have been waiting for you to slumber,” his rich voice held a note of tenderness.

Gavenia sat up on the bed, her sleeping gown had changed from white to black, its delicagee dipped low to expose inner curve of her breasts. She looked up at the handsome stranger standing over her bed. It was the same mysterious man of her dreams. Just the nearness of him made her body tingle with desire. His hair was as black as midnight and it fell in soft waves to his shoulders. His bare torso gleamed from the glow of the fireplace while black chausses hung low on his hips. Dark eyes captured her gaze and held it as if she was in a trance. She feared him, but was attracted to him at the same time.

She trembled from the force of her body’s cravings for this man. She had never felt this way before and it frightened her. This was only a dream, right? So why should she worry? Why resist her yearnings for this figment of her imagination? After all, she could not become pregnant from a dream.

The alluring man smiled and lay down beside her. Gathering her into his arms, he molded her curves readily into his own contours and murmured, “Everything will be all right.”

Gavenia studied every inch of his face while the hardness of his warm body gave her comfort. His face was so beautiful and noble with an aristocrat nose and eyebrows. His strong jaw line was clean shaven while his lips … oh sweet Goddess, his lips were full and soft. They smiled at her as if he knew everything she was thinking.

“I do not usually like to kiss, but I find myself eager to explore your mouth,” his voice was low, sensual.

Gavenia’s heart flipped in response. He could ask anything from her, and she would agree. All her barriers toward men fell, and when his appreciative gaze roamed over her, she felt so feminine and desirable.

He was meant to be her lover, and she, his.

Holding her hand to his chest, he gradually lowered his head and claimed her mouth. Soft and tender at first, tentatively exploring the insides of her mouth, then he deepened the kiss as her ardor grew. Their tongues made love with a savage hunger, each desiring to be closer and closer, merging their bodies, but he was still too far away. She needed him inside her, to complete her. She needed more of him.

The Celtic Witch and the Sorcerer will be available in 2007/2008.

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