I wasn’t sure where to start and end with the excerpt. The scene below is about the first time the hero and heroine meet, capturing their attraction for each other.

Happy reading.


Once within hailing distance, Phillip halted his horse and called, “My fair mistress, this is no place…”
Her cloak fell to her shoulders, allowing him a glimpse of silky brown hair falling in gentle waves down her back. She stopped dancing and became deathly still as if she had turned into a statue. His eyes traveled down her backside to two bare ankles peeking from beneath an unadorned green dress. She glanced over her shoulder and giggled, then darted away like a deer.
Phillip rode closer, his mount dodging trees and fallen logs as he chased after the woman, following brief glimpses of her gown. How could she continue to out-maneuver his agile warhorse?
Halting his mount in an open meadow, Phillip scanned the area for the mysterious lass, but she was nowhere in sight. A soft singing voice floated on the breeze. He jerked his head around to follow the sound coming from a small pond that was barely hidden by tall grass on the edge of the shadowed forest.
Dismounting, he led his horse closer to the pond. Sounds of splashing mingled with the clop of his horse’s hooves. Phillip cleared his throat loudly, alerting the lass to his presence.
He called, “I wish not to frighten you, but ’tis not safe in these woods for you to be unescorted.”
Phillip resisted the urge to peek through the green cover to see if the lass swam naked. He heard a swishing movement in the water and then a rustling of grass. He stepped back, eager to finally see the face of the mysterious woman. 
Her lilting voice echoed through the swaying, green wall, “But clearly … I am not alone.”
The grass parted and a woman of no more than twenty–five winters stepped into the clearing. Dripping, russet hair framed high cheekbones and an adorably upturned nose sprinkled with freckles. Her gold-flecked eyes spoke of innocence, yet also glistened with tentative seduction, as if the lass were eager to explore pleasures not yet known to her.
 Phillip’s gaze was drawn to the emerald gown plastered to her wet skin and the outline of her pert breasts, their erect peaks pressed tightly against the damp material.
Immediately his manhood stirred beneath his kilt, his heart rate increasing. She had the appearance of an enchanting nymph.
“Do you like what you see?” she asked, her face flushing deeply.
“I … well …” Phillip stuttered, torn between devouring the maiden with his eyes and averting his lust-filled stare as any honorable knight should do.
Finally he turned his back on the tempting nymph and ran his hand distractedly through his wavy hair. “This is no place for you to linger, Mistress …”
“My name is Adela of the Mac Aye clan.” She sighed with frustration. By Jupiter! Why did she have to pick a respectable male to father her child? And one so incredibly handsome that he made her feel more homely than ever.
Biting her lip, she stepped closer to his form, a study in languid power. Masculine smells of wood and horse floated from his lustrous hair, which skimmed the wide set of his shoulders. It was a stark contrast to his dirty and bloody kilt. He was obviously one of the soldiers who had battled on the field yonder.
Strange that the blood stains did not repulse her, but merely increased her attraction to the imposing figure. Her gaze dropped to the strong hands clenched at his sides. She imagined him wielding a deadly, heavy claymore, his full lips firm with determination. A ripple of pleasure swept over her skin.
Could those same hands caress my body with gentleness?
Adela touched his shoulder and he pivoted, knocking her backward. He reached out to catch her before she fell and held her in his arms. Good lord, he was the most attractive man she had ever seen. Even with an angular jaw, high arched eyebrows and a wicked scar across his cheek, he was as beautiful as an angel sent from heaven, and looked as if he would be more at home in a church than with a sword in his hands. 
And his eyes!
The soldier’s gaze reached out to Adela, affirming his desire for her, and something else … a vague loneliness?
Using her powers, she created a voice inside his head and spoke to him, “Make love to me. I am willing.”

The legendary sex scene is to follow, but you’ll have to buy the book to read it. LOL



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