22378856.jpgThat’s the only sexy sports metaphor I know but I do like watching football and/or baseball players run around in those tight white pants.

Today is Valentine’s and many people are out celebrating with their sweethearts. Even  Vanessa’s got a hot date tonight. 

What do you mean you have one too? Hey, all I’m having is hot flashes!  Okay, that’s fine with me, since it means my chocolate will melt faster.  It’s a fair trade off, believe you me.

However if like me, you’re not going out on this somewhat commercialized brought to you by the makers of Hallmark holiday, fear not!  You can still get in the spirit by buying one of Vanessa’s books.  This way you can read about the loves and losses, and the trials and tribulations of the characters as they fight to get their happily ever after.    

Character watching is my favorite spectator sport, because you can eat and drink(chocolate of course) throughout the whole process.  Much better in my book, and hers.

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