Phyllis didn’t get serious about her writing career until living in the San Francisco Bay Area and  took a writing class. That resulted in her first short story sale and, afterward joined a group who were writing romance novels. Her first novel was sold in 1984. She has been writing and selling ever since.

Carolann  knew even as a child that she was captivated by words. When she was told to go and play in the backyard she  would make up plays, collect the props, take all the parts and direct the action. She jokes that she must have been the only director in history to never get a complaint from the cast!

Eyewitness is surely a page turner. The author keeps you guessing the who, what, where and why at every turn until the final act. The dirty dealings behind the scenes of soap opera life makes a great backdrop for this mystery. I loved the eclectic cast of characters. Mystery lovers will love this one.

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