I love shifter stories! The idea of the magic and devotion these characters create just does something to my heart! Most of the time, shifters find their true mate and will do anything to make and keep them happy. Isn’t that wonderful?

Devitt by M.D. Stewart

Devitt St. Clair is the youngest of the Fae King Bran’s children. He rules a small area in Faedom and patrols the area religiously with his best friend and guard, Rhys (pronounce Reese). At just shy of a century old, they’ve grown up together close as brothers and have traveled across the realms on one adventure after another. On a trip to the Earth Plane, Devitt sees a young woman has moved to the empty home at the entrance to his realm. Having a human so close to the gateway to his land could hinder the needs of the Fae and restrict their Earthly businesses. But something about the woman calls to him and he sets out to investigate her. What he discovers about Sienna shocks him but also fills the void in his lonely soul.

Sienna Hurston is an only child, her mother is dead, her boyfriend conned her leaving her penniless, and the only thing she has left is a house she inherited from a grandfather she never knew. Packing the few items she owns, she reluctantly heads out to the remote home, but Sienna feels a kinship to the land and the gorgeous man who shows up at her door. Discovering his secret starts a chain reaction that puts her life in danger. Dark magic has wound around her tightly, but to free her from the evil plot, Devitt and his best friend Rhys must perform an ancient healing technique using vibrational sexual harmony … with Sienna and each other. Can they put aside their platonic feelings and create enough sexual attraction for each other to save Dev’s mate? Can they unravel the evil threads that threaten to choke both humans and Fae before it’s too late?

Fun fact, Fae can shift into any animal as long as it’s a land mammal and large enough to hold their cells and spirit. Even though it’s magic, physics still applies! They also require blood to replace the energy depleted by shifting. This book explains the differences between the magic community’s inhabitants (Vampires, Witches, Shifters, and Fae) and how humans balance the scales. I got the idea for this book in the weirdest way. I was sitting by our firepit when Willie, the neighborhood dog, just wandered into our yard. He’s so sweet and is so smart. He’s never given our chickens a second look as he passes them and comes to me for his nightly treat. I started thinking about how he’s as smart as some humans (more than some I know) and I thought, “what if he was a human who travels during the day as a dog?” The idea just formed and continued to build and Rhys was born. Yes, this book is about his best friend but Rhys is a turd who won’t finish telling me his story!

Bran’s a cocky but gorgeous playboy with a heart of gold and more depth than I imagined from meeting him in Dev’s story! I loved learning about him as I wrote this book.

Bran by M.D. Stewart

Josie Davis has run the Hogg Trough since her father was put in prison seven years earlier for murdering her mother. She loves the old bikers her dad built the bar for, but she’s still reeling over the wrongful conviction of her dad, and the disappearance of her mother when she was just a toddler. When a gorgeous man strolls into her bar, she’s instantly attracted to him. Used to guarding her heart, she won’t act on her feelings, even though he makes it known that he wants her. At five foot nine and size eighteen, Josie thinks no man would want her, but she’s never met a man like Bran St. Clair.

Bran St. Clair is six centuries old, and for the first time, he’s finally found his mate. He’s come to the Earth Plane to hunt rogue Fae criminals who escaped his realm. Using a biker bar as his cover to hide in plain sight and easy access to blood, he recognizes the owner as his one true mate. But Bran’s magic draws the blood-thirsty Fae, intent on revenge against Bran and his family, to Josie’s door. To protect her, Bran takes Josie to the one person he trusts to keep her safe; the only man Bran has ever truly loved. Can Bran be around the sexy bear shifter then walk away later without a shattered heart?

Michael Mato is the Chief and Head Elder of the Bear Shifter tribe. He met Bran when they were only fifty years old, and six centuries later, his heart still beats for the man. Knowing they weren’t true mates, both Bran and Michael moved on with their lives having children and staying in touch, but always longing for the other. When Bran shows up with his mate and asks Micheal to help protect her, Michael knows Josie is his mate too. But evil is chasing her, and Josie’s hidden past just might kill them all and bring down the magic community.

We met Michael in Dev’s book and I instantly fell for the guy. I hadn’t planned on Bran getting his own book since I thought Rhys would be next, but these guys intrigued me. I hinted at their past relationship in the first book but I had no idea how deep it went at the time. I actually wrote the scene where they fell in love but it didn’t fit into the book, so I’m planning on making it a free short once I get my newsletter up and running! This book took me forever to write because I fought my instincts on how much magic these guys made (you know, not just sexual). I didn’t want readers to be pulled out of the story by a lack of believability. Once I decided to just write what I saw in my head, then it flowed. If you read the book and get to the scene where they’re in the forest looking for the line to Limbo, that is what held up my progress. What surprises me is this book is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars! So it made my struggle to write it worth it!

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