I first got introduced to Sherrilyn Kenyon by accident. I didn’t have anyone to whipser to me about this great series or even this great author. In fact, what happened was my hubby gave me $200.00 to spend on books. Some people might not think that you can get a lot of books with this amount of money, but then they have never shopped with the queen of thrift shopping. And I did it by going to half.com an affiliate website of Ebay. I was just surfing around and found this novel called Fantasy Lover and bought it for 75 cents plus 3 dollars shipping. Read it super fast and then got the rest of her Dark Hunter series. I will save the Dark hunter series for when we have a chat about paranormal. Anyhoo, for those who have not read this novel, here is a synopsis of it.

Julian of Macedon has been cursed for two thousand years to pleasure women and there is nothing he can do about it. When Grace Alexander happens to call forth this gorgeous half-god, she finds herself wanting to have her hands all over the sexy man. But considering her past, where somebody used her in a horrible way, she refuses to turn this tormented man into the love-slave he is supposed to be. But somebody will do all they can to see Julian’s spirit break, even going as far as destroying the woman he has come to love.

This book has the great things that I love about books. The tormented hero, the woman who is judged to be below society’s standards, and a huge obstacle standing in the way. This book oozes sensuality and the emotions are so intense and wonderful, you will find yourself rooting for the hero and heroine throughout the book. And for those who did not know, this book came before the Dark-Hunter series and though it does not state it is part of the series, considering it has a few players from the series, I would say pick this book up and read it.


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