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As a published author myself, I’ve been asked on many occasions who my favorite author is…who has inspired me most. Time and time again, I have responded—Jane Austen. It seems like an easy response, almost cliché. I mean how many times have you heard this same exact response from several authors?? But let me reiterate—I really love Jane Austen and if you want to ruffle my feathers spell her name A-U-S-T-I-N. It’s AUSTEN! Get it right people. But now I digress.

When we choose a favorite author, I suppose it is because we love their writing and can’t get enough of it, and as authors—wish we were as good as they. That is exactly how I feel about Jane. Miss Austen had a special gift, a talent if you will, not just in writing but in knowing people. Think about it. Here is this prim and proper (though some would argue this point) Regency era woman, unmarried, and coming from the middle of the social pool—and she has this uncanny ability to write the most terrific characters. She wrote characters to hate, laugh at, and fall in love with. Some of the other greats of classic literature also had this remarkable ability—Dickens for instance and Shakespeare. Think of their casts of characters that once read will never be forgotten.

For me, a good book is dependant on well-written characters far more than plot. Yes, we need a telling plot to keep the story going, but it is the characters which take us on the journey. I have only begun my adventure as a published author, having had my first book published in December 2006 and number nine and ten coming next year; but when I come to the end of this excursion, I hope there is someone out there who can say ‘Cindy Green wrote characters that I will never forget..’

If there is one thing I have learned from Jane Austen it is to observe people and try to make my characters as real as possible. Why is it that the likes of JA and Shakespeare are still read and revered to this very day? It’s because they wrote people that are true of the human spirit which will never change. That is the kind of author I want to be when I grow up. I want to make you laugh, make you think and in the end make you remember.

Anyone want to share a bit about their favorite author?

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