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Returning to England after eleven years, Cormack Blunt stumbles across the woman he though was lost to him forever. The woman he had never forgotten. And he realizes that the sweet young girl he once knew has managed to keep a secret from him.

Zoe Chance can’t believe that the young man she loved eleven years before, now a famous move star and action her, has turned up out of the blue and wants answers. No only that, he wants her son, too.

Forced to confront him, she realizes that it isn’t a fight to keep her son that causes the problem, but the fight to keep her own heart.


“Take the check, Zoe.”

The hard New York twang grated on her nerves as she sat in a plush cream armchair, opposite Cormack Blunt’s agent, in the nineteenth-century Davies penthouse suite in Claridges.

“I don’t want his money. He loves me,” she declared with all the conviction of an eighteen-year-old.

“Of course he doesn’t love you, honey. He’s tired of you. You’re an embarrassment. He needs you to stop clinging, for the love of God.”

Heat filled her cheeks, hot and florid. Desperate, Zoe met the cold, hard eyes of the middle-aged woman.

“I want him to tell me. He’ll see me.” That’s why she’d come all the way to London. To see him. To surprise him. Looked like the surprise was on her.

“He’s busy. He’s just about to make the biggest career break of his life. He does not need you holding him back.” Astral Heaven, agent to the stars, fished in her tote bag, tossed a photograph on the occasional table.

“There. That’s the woman he’s going to marry.”

Zoe raised her icy fingers to her burning cheeks.

“Don’t be sick, she must be fifteen years older than him.”

“Of course she is. She’ll be the making of him.”

The woman slapped another photograph on the table. Zoe stared. Mac, her Mac with his arm wrapped around the tall, willowy, blonde star, Emilia Southern, and he looked … deliriously happy, as he laughed down into the pale, ethereal beauty’s face, their eyes centered on each other.

Refusing to believe, she shook her head as her stomach churned. Her chest felt like a leaden weight had just been sucked to its very depths.

“Take the money.”

“I don’t want his money.” Quieter now, doubt seeped into her veins, crawled into her chest.

“He said you would need it. Take it.”

Her heart cried out; her mind screamed. How could he be so disloyal? Why had he told his agent she needed money? It was supposed to be between them. She’d bared her soul to him, told him her deepest secrets, all of them bar one, and he’d betrayed her. She sagged back into the depths of the chair, limp and defeated.

Astral nudged the check toward her again, insistent.

“Take it, you know you want to. You can train to be a vet.”

One last show of defiance, she stared into the woman’s dead eyes and her conviction wavered.

“He said he loved me.”

“He’s an actor, darling. Of course he said he loves you. He loves everyone.”


The woman’s hard blue eyes pierced her, unrelenting. She reached out, tapped the check with her perfectly manicured talons.

“Take it.”

Zoe leaned forward, her heart crushed, her confidence annihilated, and slid the check from under the woman’s fingers and across the table toward herself. She grasped it for a moment, unthinking, before she stuffed it into her purse, leaped from the chair, and rushed blind for the door.

She found the underground, clasped her bag to her chest. London at rush hour was bad enough, but a country girl like her hadn’t a clue. Euston Station. She had to get off at Euston Station, buy a ticket, and catch the next train back to Shrewsbury. The Aberystwyth train was the one she needed.

He’d come after her. He loved her. She’d show him the check, and he’d fire his agent.

Pain raged through her young, bruised heart as conviction filled her head.

The train was on the platform, about to depart. Panic made her fumble, drop her debit card, her ticket. As she bent over, someone dashed into her, pushed her down. Her face scraped along the pavement; skin ripped from her outstretched hands as they skidded across the rough ground. After staggering to her feet, she ran for the Aberystwyth train.

She sat, tears streaming, blood flowing, with barely the wits about her to push her debit card back into her bag.

He’d come after her. When he found out. He would come.

She sat, calmer now, resolute. A tissue, donated from the silent woman opposite, was clutched in her hand. Heartbeat regular, breath slow.

She looked at the check. Her blood smeared across it. Fifty thousand pounds. There wasn’t a moment’s doubt in her mind. She’d give it back to him when he came. He wouldn’t marry another woman; he couldn’t. He’d said he loved her. It wasn’t just because he was an actor that he’d said it. He loved her, and she believed him.

She glanced at the man opposite. His newspaper caught her attention.

Emilia Southern announces Cormack Blunt is the man for her.

Sick, she closed her eyes; her fist closed around the check and squeezed tight as she leaned her weary head back.

He wouldn’t come. He didn’t love her.

She’d never be able to tell him now. She was pregnant.



Mini Blurb

Returning to England after eleven years, Mac stumbles across the woman he thought was lost to him forever. The woman he had never forgotten.

Zoe Chance can’t believe famous action hero movie star Cormack Blunt has turned up and wants answers. But he wants her son, too.

How can Zoe protect her son from famous movie action hero Cormack Blunt? Just as worrying, how can she protect her own heart?


Book Trailer:                                    http://animoto.com/play/Iym2LVlwd5lwT4n34LqzHg

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Future Books

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