I understand perfectly, actually. I put my hand down his pants and… I’d blush too.   I’d still do it, but I’d blush.

I’m sorry to hear about your book going down with bad ship Risky Trisky. Hopefully we’ll see it somewhere else soon. However, it brings me to another point, which surprises me as I’m not usually such a pointy person. 

What do you do for inspiration when bad things like this happen? How do you get up the gumption to write a happy scene?  Or a love scene?  

One of the funniest tee’s I’ve seen read. I’m an author. If you make me angry, I’ll just kill you in my next book.  Do you find yourself writing an action or ‘killing’ scene when you’re angry? And have you ever put someone who made you angry in your book only to kill them off?  You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, as I wouldn’t want to make you mad at me.   ~smiles~

Also if you’d like to give the readers a few excerpts or any upcoming news, please feel free to do so. I’ll be here eating my brownies. I lay the blame for any pounds I gain fully at your door. Thank heavens for elastic!

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