Despite the joviality of the festivities associated with the holidays, there are people who tend to get the blues around this time of year. Theories for why this happens include shorter days—which result in decreased exposure to sunlight, the cold and wind, and gray, rainy weather.

If you’re one of the people who tends to dread this time of year, below are a few ways to help get you out of your funk.

1. Volunteer

What better way to make you feel good than to help someone in need? Food banks can always use an extra hand to prepare and serve hot meals. Homeless shelters hand out blankets. Or how about going through your pantry and putting together a box of canned and other non-perishable items? Any of these tasks could give you the boost you need to elevate your mood.

2. Join the club

Join a group that has interests similar to yours. If you’re a vegetarian yoga instructor who enjoys underwater basket weaving, trust me, there’s an organization out there where you’ll be a perfect fit. Start with It’s filled with groups where membership is free or costs very little. All you have to do is enter some key words and a zip code. Each group has an organizer(s) who plans events for the members. During the holiday season, potluck dinners are one way for members to congregate and interact. Instead of staying at home by yourself, get out and make some new friends.

3. Join the party

Check the local paper for events taking place in your area where you have the opportunity to meet other people. Bars throw parties, restaurants have happy hours, and non-profits have fundraisers. By the way, go easy on the alcohol. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol is a depressant. Therefore, you’ll feel worse once the initial effects wear off.

4. Throw your own party

If you don’t feel like going out, throw your own party! Don’t be surprised that others you know may be looking for something to do around this time of year too. Do something different and host a tapas party. There are some yummy recipes at the entertaining page. Or how about a festive brunch? Make it a potluck event and you have even less stress and less fuss. Go to the brunch recipes at for ideas.

5. Read a book

At some point, you may still find yourself alone and tempted to mope. Don’t give in! Lift your spirits by reading a good book. Romantic comedies are a perfect way to lift your spirits. They’ll have you laughing all the way to the happy ending. There are also seasonal-themed romance novels this time of year. The Coffee Thoughts Bookstore is running specials right now from various publishers, and they have discounts available on holiday-themed books. A list of holiday-themed African-American or multicultural novels can be found at Romance Noire Book Club. 

You can probably think of a few other ideas on your own. Just remember, you have choices. If you can’t get out and join the festivities, bring them to you.

Happy Holidays!


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