You’re probably saying to yourself, ‘this is where she wants me to follow her on social media and sign up for her newsletter’. …and you’d be correct. 😉 But only where you’re comfortable, where you frequent, and if you’re truly interested.

Authors need a presence: they need a website, a newsletter, and social media accounts. It’s how we get ourselves, our name ‘out there’; how we get readers to find us. We engage, we interact, we socialize. And yes, we wear the salesman hat. We join groups and promotions, we network with other authors, and we try our best to get in front of readers. As much as authors love to write, there’s a business component to our life as well. Some authors do it all themselves (like me right now) and others are able to hire assistants to handle everything but the writing. I hope at some point I’ll get to that stage – not that I’ll neglect interacting with my readers, because I love engagement. But the social and promotional aspect is time-consuming, and it’s disheartening when your time and effort go into a project only to have it yield nothing. But we continue to try. Like my blog posts today. I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences working with Coffee Time Romance and am grateful for this opportunity.

At the start of the year, I also made the decision to join the WriterSpace family in order to gain more exposure, run contests, and have them handle my newsletter, and I’ve loved working with them. If you aren’t familiar with their site, check them out and be sure to register for any contests that appeal to you.

Now, as for following me, again, I’d love for you to click all those likes and follows, but it’s your choice. You’ll find all my social media sites on my website and the opportunity to sign up for my newsletter. What’s the purpose of the newsletter, you ask? Great question! It’s keep you up-to-date on what’s happening with my writing, my releases, opportunities for FREE reads and random contests. So yeah, I try to make it worth your while. When you follow me at Amazon, Bookbub, or Goodreads, you’ll not only learn about my releases but also about what I’m reading and recommending.

If you’ve enjoyed getting to know a bit about me, be sure to tell your reader friends! 😉 And I’ll hope to see you all in the near future! Happy reading. xo

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