Naughty is NiceOn Friday, 11/21/08, my new book, Naughty is Nice popped up as AVAILABLE at Shadowfire Press. We held a big holiday party for the publisher and authors on my group, Romance Lives Forever, and tons of people came. It was a huge success.

Sultry Summers’ story is Dream Elf. “Is the handsome Irish stranger she keeps meeting and dreaming about a simple passer-by, a concerned citizen who shelters her during a storm, or the fireman who rescues her from her car when it plunges into the ditch? And wait… is that blond hair covering … No, those can’t be pointed ears. Can they?”

Mine is A Romance for Christmas. “It’s Christmas Eve, and the end of a year in which everything she loves has been lost. Everything but her determination to survive and her little girl. Will it be a night of sadness, or of love and miracles?”And then it hit me… I’m going out of town for four straight days and won’t have access to email. Holy cow. How am I going to get out the word about Naughty is Nice? One of my friends (bless her) said, “Why don’t you do one of those blog tour things?”


After sending back an email calling her a genius, I asked if she could recommend some good places to post. Not only did she tell me, she came over right here to this spot and signed me up on Coffee Thoughts. Thank you Karenne, and you really are a genius! 

The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to …

1. Shadowfire Press – my publisher “Enter the shadows … set your imagination on fire”

2. Introduce you to Sultry Summers – my co-author for this Christmas anthology (and me, o’course) ;p

3. Give away a really cool “Naughty / Nice” Christmas latte mug stuffed with Dove Chocolates, plus, every person who follows the trail to the end gets a free download of A Christmas Cookbook. The latte mug is a great size, very tall, and has a handle you can wrap your hand around. Click the link above and see a picture for yourself.

What do you have to do? Each day for four days, visit the blog listed in the last spot you visited. You can only win if you make a comment on each and every blog. This verifies you followed the trail and visited the four wonderful friends who helped me out!

You don’t have to say much. Just Happy Thanksgiving or Following the Trail will do. On the final day, that blog will link you to a secret page on my website, which will give the directions on how to enter the contest. (I promise, it’s super easy!) That’s it.

Do all four blogs and get a cool cookbook, and a chance to win a great mug.

Ok, where’s the next stop on the trail? On 11/23, check out and see where to go next!

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