By June Shaw

Reviewer Harriet Klausner says about RELATIVE DANGER–“Cealie Gunther is a delightful protagonist. She and restauranteur Gil Thurman share a romance hotter than his hottest hot sauce.”

RELATIVE DANGERRELATIVE DANGER is the first book in my series. You don’t have to wait long for the next books. KILLER COUSINS will be out this month, followed by DEADLY REUNION in September. The series features spunky widowed Cealie who “thinks” she wants to avoid her hunky lover Gil so she can rediscover herself. But he opens Cajun restaurants wherever she travels — and she is so bad at avoiding tempting dishes and men.

Armchair Interviews says “I like Cealie a lot. She’s feisty, determined, and lovable.  Shaw does a good job of showing that grandmas can be sexy, too.”

From author Alice Duncan  –“Way fun! I want to be Cealie.”

Many readers of the hardcover edition say they’d love to have Cealie in their families or as their best friend. Women tell me, “For goodness sake, keep Gil Thurman. What a hunk. What a sweetheart. And he has Cajun food! What more could you want?”

From Kirkus Reviews — “A businesswoman arrives in Chicago to attend her granddaughter’s graduation, little knowing she’ll need to solve a murder before she can leave town alive.”

Author Metsy Hingle says “RELATIVE DANGER has it all–humor, heart and suspense.”

Publishers Weekly praises the book’s humor, suspense, and characters.

Where do my ideas come from? I do have a hunky funny squeeze Bob who’s a terrific Cajun cook–and we’ve dated for decades. It works! We’ve both been married; between us we have a dozen kids. Dating works great. You can see Bob and my terrific Mom (dancing the Macarena at age 100) and me holding an alligator — oh, and also my books — on my website,

Here’s an excerpt from RELATIVE DANGER:

I applauded. The man onstage pointed beyond me, and my heart lurched.

There, at a corner table, sat Gil. The gunmetal gray of his sports jacket matched his thick hair, teased now with silver streaks. The top button of his white shirt was open. He stood, and I saw that he wore dark jeans. Colorful jockey shorts would be underneath.

Applause rang in my ears. Or maybe it was blood rushing.

“Thank you all for coming,” Gil said, the deep richness of his voice sending molten urges through my body.

People at his table raised their hands toward him and clapped. At the chair beside Gil’s sat a young woman with a bronzed cherub face. Hair like liquid ebony draped around her face, and a black knit top revealed mega cleavage. She gave Gil an expansive smile, her eyes sparkling like those of a woman in love.

Gil’s gaze fell to the woman. He grinned and then peered at his customers. “Please enjoy yourselves. And don’t forget to tell your friends where we are.” He began to sit when his gaze located mine. Gil sprang to his feet, mouthing, “Cealie.”

Somersaults bounced through my belly.

Gil strode to me, saying, “You’re here.” He leaned and kissed my lips. Gil’s lips were warm, his scent manly. I let my mouth linger.

Behind him, someone snickered. The waiter stood, holding my entrée. He set it down and left. Gil stared at me. “What a treat.”

I didn’t speak, enjoying the marvelous twinges in my torso.

“Cealie, I can’t believe you’re really here.”

I struggled to draw my gaze away from his mesmerizing dark gray eyes. Gil’s neck filled his open collar, and chest hair sprinkled the V above his top button. That same chest hair had often tickled my cheeks. I felt a rush of passion no lady should feel while out in public.

“Nice to see you, too,” I said, willing my voice normal. I slid my left hand into my right palm and pinched, an action I’d discovered was more discreet than slapping myself. You are woman, remember? You want to do your own thing.

“I don’t know what brought you, but I’m glad it did.” He cocked his head and gave a smile that made me sizzle. “Would your visit have anything to do with me?”

Kat’s horrid situation sprang to mind. “No,” I said.

“I didn’t think so.” Gil looked disappointed. He indicated the place where the pretty woman sat watching us, her red mouth now puckered in a pout. “Come over to my table and join us.”

“Why don’t you just join me for a minute,” I said, pointedly adding, “if you can?”

Gil sat and drew his chair close. My gaze flickered toward his table. Surely that young woman’s skirt was black and clingy. Black pantyhose would probably run beneath that tiny skirt the entire length of her long legs.

Her gaze locked with mine. We gave each other appraising stares.

My skin had more sag than hers, and my waist was surely not as tapered. I was a decade or two (okay, maybe three) older. Was Gil dating a child now, I wondered, my teeth clenched.

Well that was his decision to make. Still, I wished I’d worn something sassier than the boxy lime-green pantsuit made of crinkled fabric. It was a wise choice in some ways, loose and comfortable with an elastic waistband. The cropped pants were fashionable but made my legs appear shorter. Comparing me in this outfit to the woman staring back, I looked about as chic as Chicken Boy.


I do hope you’ll check out Cealie and Gil and the sexy woman (and even Chicken Boy) in Cealie’s books, starting with just re-released as an ebook, RELATIVE DANGER, available from Amazon, BN, Untreed Reads, and other online retailers.

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