What am I working on now? Winding up Forbidden: The Revolution. The third book in my Forbidden series. I’ve been very quiet about this particular project. So for the first time…here’s just a little info.

This book is set twenty-five years after Forbidden: The Awakening and introduces Byron and Violet’s son, Dell Renfield. Sorcerer. Sexy vampire. Special Agent. Secret weapon. In Forbidden: The Revolution, Dell is sent on a mission to Las Vegas where he encounters an old enemy of Byron’s and finds the two women that had been abducted along with Dell’s mother during Forbidden: The Awakening. The first woman is Rita, Byron’s former consort. The second is Alex Sanchez, who was an infant at the time of the kidnapping. Alex becomes Dell’s love interest. You’ll still see Byron and Violet, Luna will be back. But I’m also introducing some new characters, Byron’s daughter Lily, his assistant Chase, and a young werewolf names Jake was featured in a short that I posted earlier this week.

After I wrap up Forbidden: The Revolution I’ll be moving on to Jake and Allison’s story, Forbidden: The Temptation.

I’d like to thank everyone for reading this week and I’d like to thank Coffee Time and Claudine for having me. It’s been great fun.

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