Forty Something - Available now at The Wild Rose Press

Some mistakes are easy to forget, while others can become glaring reminders of past failures that stand ready to haunt you for the rest of your life. For Laney Winters, life is full of glaring reminders. Starting with the fact that she’s pregnant at forty-one, has just been divorced by her louse of an ex-husband who has a fetish for his secretaries, and, to top it off, has been forced by financial circumstances to move back home to live with her two very eccentric, matchmaking old-maid aunts.

Nothing like hitting a Trifecta when it comes to making the kind of mistakes that call for some serious life re-evaluation. This wasn’t quite how Laney had pictured her life turning out when she’d left town at seventeen, vowing never to return to Down, Texas, or the Pine Street Diner again. The last thing she expected to find in either place was love.

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