Now that had to be a big transition! I live in something closer to the first, with no public transit. So, the folks simply clip their toenails off any old place. 

I love almost any genre of book, as long as the story and characters hook my interest and keep it. I do love a good Regency, however, it doesn’t have to be an aristocrat, any rich rogue will do.  I like books that put the locale in a way that makes me feel I’ve been there, or makes want to visit it for real some time in the future.  Elizabeth Peter’s books make me want to go to Egypt and dig around at the base of a pyramid, though I’m sure it would only get me arrested. Of course, this would give me more time to read.  Nevada Barr does it so well, she almost makes locale a character in her books.  These two are long time favorites of mine.  

Not to be left out are writers like Anne McCaffrey,  Terry Brooks, Christopher Paolini,  CE Murphy, Angela Knight, Laurell K Hamilton, Heather Graham etc.  All write either mysteries, alternative worlds, or worlds made up completely and exist nowhere outside of the binding of their books, but are still are still well traveled in my imagination.   

Now, for my questions:

1. What are the things you can’t live without when you write? Music, slippers, television, etc. 

2. When you begin a story are you the business-like plotter or the footloose ‘pantser’?

3. You’ve just got the call that Breach of Trust is about to be made into a movie.  After clearing the dollar signs from your eyes, who’d you like to see in the roles of your hero and heroine?   

4.  How did your family, friends, clients etc feel about it when they first found out about you becoming a published author?

5. Do you see yourself writing five, ten, fifteen years down the road? If so, is it the same genre, or do you want to branch out into others?  

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