Another historical series I love is the Malory series written by Johanna Lindsey. With a family that has feelings of closeness most times with occasional fights in between, how you can you not love this series. While there are family members that do not always like each other, they will certainly have their family’s back in time of need. And if there is a family member who falls for someone, even if they are the lowly maid, each and every one of them will do their best to make sure they have a happily ever after. Below is a list of her Malory series.

Love Only Once (1985), Tender Rebel (1988), Gentle Rogue (1990), The Magic of You (1990), Say You Love Me (1996), The Present (1998), A Loving Scoundrel (2004), Captive of My Desires (2006), No Choice but Seduction (2008).

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