Tambra Kendall


  1. Who are you and what do you do? *g* I write contemporary, historical and paranormal erotic romance


  1. Tell us about your current release: Goin’ Down Anthology Book Two from Aspen Mountain Press. The theme of all the stories is love in an elevator.


  1. Somehow a copy of Seduced by the Darkness ended up on my laptop, tell us about that and what plans you have for it? That’s a work in progress but I can tell I have some New York publishers targeted for it.
  2. Don’t you have a tele-seminar coming up?  Who is hosting that and what will you be talking about? The tele-seminar is with the wonderful, amazing Sascha Illyvich. I’ll probably talk about characterization and plotting.
  3. Favorite cartoon Scooby-Doo, Bugs Bunny and friends
  4. Tell us something you’ve learned recently that will leave an impact on readers and authors! Write faster and longer.

 Now for a sexy excerpt from The Erotic Touch




Texas, present day    


“Ahhhhh!”  Kimber Layne yelled and tossed the closest item at hand—a real-feel, Big Dude Dildo at her closed office door. She was pissed. To make matters worse, she was horny and all she could think about was her best friend and partner, Christopher “Chris” Hart. His shoulder length dark blonde hair made her want to run her fingers through it, feel the softness of the strands as they brushed against her belly as he moved lower… Kimber sighed. The torturous thoughts needed to stop. Action was needed, but what to do?

She reached for the closest object at hand to toss.

The door opened as Big Dude flew through the air. She watched as the large, life-like dildo smacked into Chris’ oh, so lickable, muscled chest. She couldn’t help but laugh.  How like the object of her sexual frustration to appear at this particular weak moment.    

“Sounds like you need a break. How about an early lunch?” Chris grinned, nudging the toy out of the way with the toe of his boot. “I’m lucky you didn’t throw the battery operated model. I’d have to spank you then.”

Kimber tapped her finger on her chin. “You know, I’ve probably done something today to deserve a spanking.” She tried to hide her smile but couldn’t. Kimber stuck out her ass and wiggled. Chris rarely flirted like this with her and she wanted to make it last.  His words stirred her desire like oxygen on a flame; the heat slowly spun a trail straight to her core.  It was all she could do not to beg for him to bend her over his lap right now. Her butt cheeks clenched at the thought of the pleasure-pain from a perfectly regulated swat, the blush of heat blossoming from his large palm against her tender flesh.

 Chris hadn’t been this upfront about sex with her in a long time. “Let’s continue this discussion over lunch. I’m starving. Let me grab my purse and jacket.” She prayed Chris wanted to continue the conversation. If they did, it would mean she had a better chance of not making a complete fool of herself when she finally admitted her feelings for him. The inevitable day was coming fast. For now, she’d have as much fun with Chris as she could.

The air conditioner rattled as it turned on.  Kimber sighed. Good thing they had a meeting later today with Ewan Frasier, owner of the Magnolia Center.  If she could win this deal with Mr. Frasier, it would take her business to her long term goal. Frasier’s mixture of high end businesses and spacious lofts made an ideal community within the heart of the city. Moving The Erotic Touch into the Center would be a tremendous business coup for her. Her lingerie appealed to all women of all sizes and shape, offering everything from sedate to sexy siren. Toys and other items were located in another part of the store, discreetly and tastefully arranged.

     This current location wasn’t working anymore. She wanted to expand the business by offering more services and reaching other levels of clientele.

Chris lifted her jacket from the coat rack and held it while she pulled her large purse from the desk drawer. “We’re just getting started on our conversation.”

Stunned, Kimber took the dark cropped jacket from his work roughened hand. Their fingers brushed and a jolt of electricity shot straight to her pussy. “Chris…” Night after night, she dreamed of his hands gliding over her body doing delectable, naughty things while she was handcuffed.  Helpless as he did whatever he chose. She wanted him, no question about it.  I’m desperate. Should I take the chance?



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