21717558.jpgI’d love to be able to garden, but I’ve got a black thumb.  As for the computer, well I have to bribe the sweet(ha!) Spawn of Sarcasm with trips to the mall so she’ll help me with any of my technical difficulties.


But, cats, I do understand.  They’re furry little dictators who boss everyone around, including each other if they can get away with it.  I love animals though, and would enjoy having have ‘visitors’ like yours.  Since I’m in the country, we get the standard, coyotes, bears and cougars oh my! from a distance–thank goodness, otherwise, it’s just the neighbors’ dogs dragging our trash cans down the road.

Now, onto my probing interview portion of the blog.

Do you find that your surroundings/environment have a way of making it into your stories? For instance do your ‘backyard buddies’ come into play in your books? 

Where do you do most of your research?

Have you traveled to any of the places in your stories? If so, was it specifically for the story or did you write the story because/after you traveled there?


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