It’s that time of year!  Yahoo!  I love to get out in the garden to plant my flowers, pull weeds, soil, water, swat, squish, and bury.  No, I’m not losing my mind.  I actually do all these things in my garden.

I am not alone in my world of flowers.  I am surrounded by worms, ants, ladybugs, caterpillars, butterflies, you name it.  Not to mention the odd mosquito that comes along to feed on me.  I would love to know the usefulness of those insects.  Most things in this world seem to have a purpose – even those bumble bees that scare the hell out of me are there to help my flowers grow.  But hornets?  What are they doing?  Are they there as the bullies on the playground?  To give bees a bad name?

I do love being outside, though.  I have to say that it is a great escape from the every day life – these days it’s to avoid watching more hockey on the television.  God forbid Canada beats us in the end of this game.  As you readers who have followed my other blogs closely know – I could care less.  But it keeps my husband from growling, so I will cheer for … the end!  That’s all I can say.

Let’s get back to my flowers.  I love this time of year especially for the lilacs that have bloomed.  Oh, how they smell so great!  And the roses…I have lots of rose bushes, and some of them have blooms on them.  I hope some of you have the opportunity to grow something and see your handiwork.  It’s better than sex, I tell ya!  It is relaxing, you don’t have to worry about what you look like (cause goodness knows I would scare away the butterflies with my looks) or if the light is on or off.  You can just sit there with soiled fingers, dirty knees, messy hair…..wait a minute – this is JUST like sex.  I take it back.  Only I still maintain that it’s better. 

I am going back out tomorrow, weather permitting, and will plant some more perennials.  I love having them come up every year, saving me from planting new things.  However, I need color.  Nothing more boring to me than a garden of just green plants.  What’s the fun in that?  Good day and good gardening, fellow readers.  Have a good one!


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