About eight years ago I began writing mystery novels. I thought it would be so easy, but guess what? I soon realized that writing, like everything else, takes hard work, research, commitment and most of all much encouragement. After fumbling around in the dark (even though the lights were on), I found my voice, established a writing style, and best of all, I joined a writers group.

The process of character development wasn’t as hard as I thought since I’m involved in a large family, know many police and law enforcement related individuals and live in a small (yes, tiny) state where everyone knows everyone or is related to them somehow. The state is like a village where there are no secrets, or at least they’re not secrets for long.

I try to intersperse my characters with the flavor of the area in which they live and their background.  I draw from family, friends and newspaper articles and stories I hear to establish my storyline. If you enjoy humorous suspense, then what I write may be in line for you. Dirty Trouble is my latest adventure in my series (2 books, so far) that features an Italian woman who teaches criminal justice and has way too much curiosity for her own good. How she manages to get through each day without a catastrophe is a feat in itself.

Develop your characters from who and what you know. Stretch outward and put them into unusual circumstances. You’ll be surprised where it can take you.

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