Thank you, first of all, to Coffee Time Romance, for having me here today, and Readers, thank you all so much for stopping in to learn a bit more about me. I hope you’ll leave a few messages or questions so we can chat. I will also be pulling one lucky commenter on Friday, July 22 to win a box of spicy chocolates and caramels from Cowgirl Chocolates in Moscow, Idaho.

      For those who aren’t familiar with my work, I write multi-genre romance. I categorize it that way because I write historical, time travel and contemporary romance rather than only in one genre. I have two books available right now and we’ll get to those later on. I’m working on book three and had hoped to release the book in September, but to stay realistic, it may be Nov. 1st that I have to shoot for due to other priorities that have happened. Stay tuned to my website for more information on the release date.

      My third book, Whispers at Ghost Point, is a contemporary set in Wilmington, North Carolina and is about an abandoned lighthouse; I’m bringing back, or reincarnating, a few of my characters from my second novel, No Turning Back. (Some may wish to read No Turning Back before reading Whispers, but that isn’t necessary to the story) Whispers is about a woman with a passion to restore lighthouses to their original beauty and the man who isn’t sure he wants to cooperate with this plan. The story also involves a ghost who’s been dormant in the tower of the lighthouse for years waiting to reclaim the woman he lost in his past life. He realizes who she is during one of her visits to the property and he’ll stop at nothing to reclaim her – dead or alive!

      I can’t say a lot more than that without giving away too much of the story. Do you enjoy reading ghost stories? Have you had a ghostly experience? Let’s chat! On my blog, I have several posts about ghosts and lighthouses and right now, there is a post of the character interview with two of the characters from Whispers that you might find interesting. I also have a link on my blog to read the first chapter of Whispers if you go there and click on the BookBuzzr link on the left side. (My other two books are there also for your reading pleasure to get a taste of each of those books)

      My first book, Never Surrender, is an Indian time travel that will pull you back in time to 1835 Wyoming into the Shoshone Nation. Taima is a blue eyed warrior in search of his soul mate, though he doesn’t realize he pulls her from the future. Their personality clashes torment the relationship as each of them fight against the attraction to one another. This book deals with second chances at love as well as reincarnation. You’ll find those issues a common thread in my books, though that was not the original intention when I began writing.












      My second book, No Turning Back, is an historical set in England in 1778. This story pulls you back to the castles, balls, dukes, pirates and sword fighting aboard ships that so many of us love in our historical romances. Again, both characters find a second chance at love but the trials thrust on them might be more than each of them can handle.

      I hope I’ve given you a few more books to add to your shelves and if so, I’d love to hear from you. I have several participation sites at FaceBook and Twitter; please join me! My newsletter goes to close to 2,000 readers and the subscription is on my websites. You can find me at these sites below:


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      I’d love to chat with you so feel free to leave your comments below and don’t forget, one lucky commenter will win a box of spicy chocolates on Friday! Thank you so much for stopping in to read about me and learn about my books! Coffee Time Romance, we love you! Thank you for having me!


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