Sierra Tibbets spent much of her childhood as a victim of pranks, thus making her hate Halloween. Now to walk away with five thousand dollars, she must stay in a haunted house. Nate Andrews has always loved playing pranks ever since he was young. Tormenting Sierra came high on his list, but left a harsh mark on her. The prankster has one night to win her trust.
Oh, I can practically feel the intense excitement in this read before it even starts.
Ghoulish Love is a story that blends wit and passion for a sweet couple trying to find that lasting love. Nate would love to find someone who shares his interest in Halloween, but unfortunately the woman he loves he has hurt with his silly games. The chemistry between the two is hot as they work through their obstacles. I loved how they went about to solve their past problems. Ms. Libby forms characters that leave a lasting impression. Nate and Sierra fit great like a glove. This is one Halloween romance that even a witch’s brew would be pleased with the seasonings. Check out Ghoulish Love by Michelle Libby, and get a look at her website,

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