I told Lise it was like she was ‘talking’ with her mouth full, when she sent me a note.  An editor’s nightmare, I’m sure!  And an author too.  You wouldn’t want to write your books like that.  Although I read somewhere that if you put the first and last letters of a word, you can get away with mixing up the letters in between and people still read it. 

Okay, I’m rambling!  Wow!  You sure did jump in there and tell us a lot.  Where can I start?  Why don’t you begin by telling me when this writing career began.  Were you a stay at home mom who wrote during the day/night?  Or did you wait until your children were older to try this?  Oprah had a special yesterday on stay at home vs. working moms and it got me to thinking.  I have my own opinion on that but we’ll save that for another day.

Glad to hear you’re out of the abusive marriage.  And kudos to you for turning it into something creative and healing.  Your book sounds like a Hollywood movie!  How great!  Do you prefer writing this type of book, or the ‘chicklitty’ (your word) type?  How are they different/similar?

I guess that’s enough questions for today.  Grab a cup of coffee before you begin to type, just in case…….

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