How many of you plan out your year in advance?  Do you make New Years resolutions and carry them through?  Or do you make a valiant attempt like I do, then fail miserably in the second month?

This year I didn’t make such grandiose goals for myself,  I took it in smaller pieces.  I did a month to month goal plan for myself.  So hopefully I’m not setting myself up for failure. 

For January, I went small.  I joined a new critique group.  We will meet later this month for the first time.  I needed this to get my butt in gear and be productive.  I also told myself that I would write at least 10 pages a week to start.  A small goal, but then I can increase my page count.  I’m a big believer of the Susan Mallery Writing More, Writing Better workshop tape and want to be just like her when I grow up (G).

Susan teaches you to increase your page count daily, while at the same time having a life.  She plots out the entire year on a calendar with vacations, blow off days, doc appts, you name it they are on there.  It must be working, look at how prolific Susan is.

She is coming to the Greater Detroit RWA chapter in May to speak to our members on this very subject. I can’t wait because I learn something new every time I listen to the cd.

So how about you?  Any big goals out there? Small goals?  Or do you prefer not to set them at all? Inquiring moinds want to know!

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