I swear, I’m sweating so much I’m considering opening up a pool for people to dive in. My breasts can be the buoys, cause they’re just floating along for the ride. Forget wearing a bra, I don’t need one.

I’ve tried fans, air conditioners, cold showers, you name it. I would walk around naked, but my husband would just tell me to put some clothes on before I scare the fish in the fish tank. Remember the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” where Kathy Bates dressed in saran wrap for her husband and he thought she was crazy? Mine would probably have me committed.

Enough complaining! We are going to be having some guest bloggers coming on board. The lovely ladies from Coffee Time asked if I would allow others on my turf. I said sure, if you can find someone brave enough! I can be a surly broad when I want to be. No, I’m kidding. I’m looking forward to the authors lined up.

Our first guest is going to be Lori Leigh, who is not just a wonderful author, but also an amazing artist! You can check her out at www.lorileigh.com first – and I hope you have lots of questions for her, and will send some comments!

Now I am going to go back to spraying myself in the face with water from the hose. I’m like Willy the Whale – if you don’t keep spraying me…..I may wilt away. Perhaps that’s not a bad thing. I could use to lose about a whale’s weight worth of fat…..


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