Good Morning Everyone!

It’s a frosty morning here in the Mile High city of Denver, Colorado.  We’ve  had a gorgeous fall and its really just now starting to turn cold.

Turning cold is a perfect excuse to read a romance that will warm you all over, or a spine-tingling horror story that will make your heart pound and pump your blood.  At Aspen Mountain Press, we have romances, mysteries, paranormals, horror, and plenty of hot erotica.

Del Fantasma UnicornJust this week we released several stories in the paranormal category including: Flyover by Jefferson Dane, Hell’s Reach by Chris Morrow, Frights and Delights by Melissa Glisan and Del Fantasma: Unicorn by Jet Mykles.

Add to these wonderful paranormals Dark Side of the Moon by Barbara Custer, and His Gift by Clare London and you’ll see there is plenty to put you in the mood to celebrate Halloween!

I’ll be chatting a bit about each of these releases, but in the meantime, if you have questions, Ask Away!

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