I hope all of you have recovered from Halloween, or Samhain.

I’ve been thinking about time management a lot lately. What do you do to organize your time? The next couple of months are very busy for most people. And we all tend to over do and never leave any time for ourselves.

“Me Time” is very important, and no it’s not selfish it is a time where you recharge your batteries so you can keep going. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Banker or a Household Engineer, you need time to unwind.

Do you find your self setting the alarm for the morning and realize you haven’t sat down for a minute to something for you, relax or read a book? You need to make time. If you’re extremely busy your apt to say you don’t have the time. Fiddlesticks!

Set the timer for fifteen minutes in the morning and sit with a cup of coffee and do something for you. Do not read email, do not sit and clean your desk and say well it’s something I never have the time to do. It’s still not ME TIME. Read the paper or a magazine. Watch a program that you love that you never get to see. (DVR is a wonderful thing). Then set the timer in the evenings for another fifteen minutes.

30 minutes a day isn’t much but if you make an effort you’ll feel better.

Another time management tip is to make a list of what is important, what needs to be done. Do the top things first and don’t beat yourself up over something you didn’t get done, that can be at the top of the list the next day.

Everyone have a relaxing day!

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