Lee Aaron Wilson comes from a long line of storytellers who went West as guides, scouts, lawmen and outlaws after the Civil War. After many years as a Criminal Psychologist, Lee settled down to write in Arizona. Billy Killdeere is his third book.

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Billy Killdeere

Is he just another man or just another outlaw?

Billy Killdeere left the outlaw life to operate the family ranch, but the murderous exploits of the Killdeere Gang find him on the run again. Wounded and alone, with his family, former friends and the law after him, he discovers Jenny.

At first Jenny distrusts Billy, but her feelings for him gradually change. Given his outlaw past Billy knows he can’t marry her, but he takes off his gun and tries to be just another man.

Then one day his Uncle Moses finds him. Moses holds Jenny prisoner, forcing Billy to ride with the Killdeere Gang on a big job. The Gang blames Billy when the job goes awry and they vow to take revenge on Jenny. Billy is left alone on the trail with no horse or gun, with Jenny in danger, and the posse bearing down. It will take all his skill as an outlaw and gunfighter to reckon with his uncle, rescue Jenny, and save himself.

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