I’d be happy to share an excerpt… 

An unedited excerpt from Locked In His Heart by Catherine Stang

Coming in June from Whiskey Creek Press




* * * *



            “Are you going to tell me what’s bothering you or do I have to play twenty questions?”
            Melanie watched Sarah add more sugar to her coffee, knowing it was a ploy for time.  In spite of their close friendship, they couldn’t have been more different.  Sarah was the methodical one who didn’t talk until she was ready. Melanie couldn’t seem to stop herself from blurting out every thought that came into her head.  Sarah was the studious, little blonde while she was the wild, leggy redhead, the one who would rather be a cheerleader than play in the band.  The only two things they agreed upon were their love of reading and their resolve – neither would ever let go of something that needed fixing.   

            Sarah shifted nervously, stirring her coffee again before finally looking up at her.  “I want you to find Adam.”
            She choked on her hot tea.  “Wait a minute.  You want me to find Adam?  The Adam?  The foster child your family never talks about.  Are you sure?  I thought you gave up on that.”

            Sarah sighed. “I’ve tried to let go of him, Mel.  Honest, I have.  In my head I know seventeen years is a long time, but to my heart it feels like just yesterday.  I can’t forget him.  I guess it’s because I feel responsible for getting him removed from our home.”
            “But why now? After all these years, why do you want to find him now?”

            “Because for the past few weeks, Mom’s been waking up calling Adam’s name.  I’m hoping that if we find him, she could have some peace before she goes.”




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