Well friends, this is the end of the day for me. I hope you enjoyed hanging out with wizards and flying with dragons. I really appreciate you allowing me to visit.

If you’re a night owl and want a little light reading, here’s links to the series pages for the Windmaster Novels and the Dragshi Chronicles, and to the excerpt page for Imprisoned in Stone.

The Windmaster Novels

The Dragshi Chronicles

Imprisoned in Stone

Hearth and Sand

As a special thank you for allowing me to spend the day with you, a readers bonus.

For those who like science fiction, there is short story Pirates Reprise. Space pirates took his wife and daughter. Now they want his ship and the young girl in his charge.

For romance with the science fiction, Recov. Love is forbidden between the living and those the government bring back from the grave. But it happens.

If fantasy is your preferred genre, you’re invited to search for artifacts on an alien world in Withym: Treasure Beneath the Sands. But we warned, the volcano means to protect her treasures.

And lastly, in recognition of all the time I’ve spent with dragons, a download of Hatchling’s Guardian. Through the power of love, eyes can see what magic obscures.

Again, hank you for allowing me to visit. I hope you had a great time. Happy Reading! Helen

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