I would also like to share with everyone some good things that have happened since I joined Coffee Time.

1.  I have made some outstanding friends who have stood beside me when things weren’t going so well.  You know who you are Karenne and Karen and I can’t thank you enough.

2.  Those same friends are now considered family and when I start slacking on writing they are there to use whips and cattle prods on me.  Though sometimes they use those on me just for fun.

3.  I have met authors through our chats and our e-loops and then have had the pleasure of meeting them in person.

4.  Publishers are another group of people I’ve met and have even submitted work to, thanks to Coffee Time.

5.  Through Coffee Time, I found a new Beta reader who isn’t afraid to tell me, “I’m not talking to you if you kill the dog.”  Heather, thank you again for bringing me and R together.

6.  I haven’t had to buy books in FOREVER! Which happens to make the DH very happy.

7.  I’ve learned to handle criticism better and rejection as well.  I know all I need to do is keep trying to get it right.

8.  I signed my first two book contracts after joining Coffee Time.

If I’ve forgotten anyone in particular for making my life brighter since I’ve been a member, please forgive me.  Remember I have kids and they use all my brain cells.

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