It’s amazing how much we depend on our computers.  We don’t realize how much until the they don’t.  I don’t know about you, but I’m lost when mine doesn’t work. 

Locked In His Heart is a mainstream romance.  It’s more emotional than my other books.  Here’s a little blurb: 

Melanie Rivers is on a mission to help a friend fulfill her dying foster mother’s wish.  So far every road she takes leads to a dead end until a chance meeting with enigmatic lawyer, Nick Sinclair, leaves her wondering…  Could he be the break she has been looking for?   

As a victims advocate, Nick Sinclair has helped many abused children, battered women and other crime victims to come forward over the years, but has kept his own painful past buried deep.  All he ever wanted was to be left alone — until now.  Yet if he acts on his attraction to Melanie, it will set his past and present on a collision course.  Can Nick let Melanie close enough to heal his wounds or will he allow fear to keep them apart?


I have excerpts and my cover on my website  

The idea for this books came in an odd way.  You see, I see scenes in my head like a movie.  Well, I was at graveside service and this scene popped into my head.  It was odd, because it was a scene that takes place fairly far into the book.  After the service I parked my car in the park nearby and started writing.      



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