My sincere thanks to Bonnie and the Coffee Crew for letting me post my thoughts and my excerpt of THE FORBIDDEN DAUGHTER on the Coffee Time Blog. I have had a lot of fun over the past two days. Getting to know Bonnie and Karenne has been a great experience as well.

To answer Bonnie’s question, yes, I have had many reviews of The Forbidden Daughter, including Coffee Time, Romantic Times, Publisher’s Weekly, Romance Reviews Today, Armchair Interviews, Book Pleasures, and from a dozen or more other reviewers and bloggers. Fortunately every one of them so far has posted positive reviews with high ratings. I am really pleased with all of them. My first book, THE DOWRY BRIDE, has become quite popular with book clubs, and I address them regularly, approximately two per month. I’m hoping THE FORBIDDEN DAUGHTER will become just as popular with book clubs.

But I’m sure there are a few negative reviewers lurking in the wings, poised to spring a rude surprise on me. Nonetheless in the past year, after receiving a few bad reviews, I have grown a thick skin and learned to handle negativity rather well. Putting one’s work out there for public consumption comes with its drawbacks. I call it an “occupational hazard.”  However the good reviews far outnumber the bad, and those are the ones that make me smile.

In response to the editing question, I do a lot of self-editing before my critique partners give me their input, after which I edit some more before sending my manuscripts to my agent. She usually has me do more revising, and then they go to my editor at Kensington. I have been fortunate that my editor has been wonderful so far. She has not asked me to revise anything. But that may change in the future. My luck can’t hold out forever. Again, it’s the nature of the world of writing.

I would like to thank all of you who came over to the blog, read my posts and Bonnie’s about THE FORBIDDEN DAUGHTER, and offered your comments. I hope you enjoy reading my latest release.

Lastly, The Signed Copy of the Book: Tomorrow, Sunday, September 14th I will be picking the winner who will receive a signed copy of THE FORBIDDEN DAUGHTER. There is still time left, so you are welcome to come over and read the blog and post your remarks.

Goodnight and God Bless!

Shobhan Bantwal




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