Well, this is the time of year when we either ‘fly’ our kids up from Junior High to High School, or help them make the trek from childhood to adulthood (if that’s a word) as they leave high school for college.  Or University, or trade school, or whatever it is they choose to do.

I have to say that the transition for me was easy as pie.  Nothing phased me about that time of year, it all went smoothly, the kids were great, and there were no problems at all.  Oh, and I once saw a pig fly too.  YEAH, RIGHT!!  There is always something that can go wrong!

With me it was all about the parties.  How many parties do these kids need?  And the clothes!  My land, they’re dressing like the red carpet Barbie and Ken now!  With ruffles, lace, diamonds, hundreds of dollars spent on dresses, shoes, and make-up.  They’re like EIGHTEEN for goodness sakes!  What do they have to dress up like that for?  So the pictures look good?  So they can look back in twenty years and wonder what made them choose the puffy sleeves that went up to their ears? 

What about the drinking?  I knew of some parents who actually went to the liquor store to purchase the booze for their kids.  Okay, so you would rather know about it than have them do it behind your back.  Yeah, that makes sense.  So does passing them a gun and telling them not to worry because the safety is on. 

I guess I am getting old fashioned, and perhaps I need to come down to their level and ease off.  After all, when I went to school we just sat in our classrooms, did our work, respected our teachers, and planned for the future.  Yeah, I’m old fashioned.  We should have had metal detectors to keep those who may bring a gun to school from succeeding, talk back to our teachers because they can’t touch us, talk on the cell phone in the hallway and on breaks instead of studying, smoke in the doorways, do drugs in the back field, and, oh yeah, pay our girlfriends $5 for a blow job in the bathroom.  I can’t believe I just used that word, but it happens.  

Before I get any hate mail about how MY CHILD isn’t like that, or “mine would never do that”, know that I”m not talking about everyone.  I generalize my blogs to talk about those who don’t always see the world the way it truly is. 

I’m all steamed up, today!  Put on the coffee!


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