This is my first visit to Coffee Time Romance & More and I’m looking forward to spending the day with you! I’ve got a few posts lined up, some information about the books I write, and maybe some fun and games too.

First, I suppose I should introduce myself. As you can see by the title, my name is Nancy Fraser. My author tagline is: Jumping Across Romance Genres With Gleeful Abandon! And, that’s exactly what I do. My muse refuses to be pigeonholed and often takes me places I hadn’t intended to go.

Since my first book, released in 1996, I’ve published 38 romance novels and novellas, as well as a couple of really, really hot short stories. I currently write for three different publishers, although my new absolute obsession is self-publishing.

After 20+ years of writing for others, I decided it was time to work for myself. I released my first self-published erotic romance novella, D*mn Near Perfect on August 28th of this year. Book 1 of my Cougars & Cubs series, it’s a romantic comedy that deals with a divorcee’s quest for … well … sex. More about the book in my next post.

Because I’m a glutton for punishment, and for overworking myself, earlier this week I released my second self-published novel, Return of the Wolfe, also a first book in a new series. The Love of the Land books will all be set in the great outdoors!

These first two books will be followed by two more individual books before the end of the year, as well as being part of a ten-author Christmas Anthology. Belileve me, there is no rest after retirement! I’m busier now more than ever. And, I’m loving it.

When I’m not writing, which is almost never, I do love to travel (not so much at the moment), and–of course–read. I’m a proud grandmother to five awesome kiddos rangining in age from seven to 21. I live in Atlantic Canada about 40 miles north of the Maine border.

I’ll be back in a bit to share some more about my thoughts on reading, writing, and life in general. Please come back and join me throughout the day. I love company.

In the meantime, you can find me all over social media. Here are my links:

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Amazon Author Page ~ Goodreads ~ YouTube

Back in a few…


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