I suppose I’d have to admit to reading Victoria Holt too, so you and I can share the secret of ‘ages’.  lol.  I love that your teacher inspired you to submit work.  I think it’s so important for teachers (and educators in general) to find the certain talent of his/her student and encourage them to act upon it.  I had terrible teachers when I was younger, but then they were allowed to yell, scream, and have a bit of control back then.  Now students have the control and are attacking the teachers.  What has this world come to?

That’s another blog for another day.  For now I want to know more about these first stories you wrote.  Did you get them published right away?  Was it difficult to find the right publisher, or did it happen overnight?  I’ve heard of that happening, which must be great.  And do you still have some old stories hidden away that you may ‘fix up’ and try to publish one day? 

Keep up the great excerpts…..I love them, and I know the readers do too.

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