Hello Coffee Time readers and authors. I’m Cindy Green and I’ll be your guest hostess today. I have oodles to say and I sure hope you’ll come out and talk with me. But first my official ‘long’ biography and then I’ll be back and post some more after I feed my kids some breakfast.

Cindy K. Green was born in Anaheim, California and lived all her growing up years mere miles from Disneyland. She is the oldest of 5 children and the only non-twin in the family. Her mother was and is a Christian school teacher and her father works for a pharmaceutical company.

Growing up, Cindy loved to read and write. She would write poetry, sometimes even during science class, and silly short stories for her siblings. In jr. high and high school, she won a couple poetry and fiction writing contests, but her favorite subject in school was history. She could remember dates and events without even studying. More than that, it was the story of how events affected people which really drew her in.

In college, she majored in history and put her fiction writing on the shelf. Cindy won academic awards for her writing including the Jack Chinski Memorial Award for Holocaust Studies for her paper “Jewish Women in the Resistance to the Holocaust.” She started working in education at this time as a teacher’s aid in an elementary school. Before graduating from college, she got married and had her first son. Those last college years were crazy with classes, teaching, and being mother and wife. Then she started teaching Jr. High full-time.

When son number two came along, Cindy was able to quit working and stay home with baby and her older 1st grade son. She began homeschooling the oldest, caring for the baby, and attending graduate school. Then a great change came to her life – she and her husband decided to join the rest of her family in North Carolina. There she was in a brand new state away from all that she knew, away from friends, away from college. So what did she do? She finally started to write again.

After writing a YA WWII novel, a suspense, and an inspirational romance, she was introduced to By Grace Publishing. It was July of 2006 when she found they were acquiring Christmas stories. She decided to write one. The Spirit of Christmas wrote in six days and was accepted. Now two years later, she also writes for Moonlit Romance and The Wild Rose Press in several genres including: historical, chicklit, suspense, fantasy, contemporary, and inspirational. Her recent releases include a chicklit novella, Meeting Mr. Right Online, a suspense, NovelTea Next Door and an Inspirational, Relationship Rescue. To learn more about Cindy and her books, visit www.cindykgreen.com.

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