Keep posting your first exposures to romance in the post below. I love reading everyone’s stories. But moving on…

Guilty Pleasures, come on, we all have them. What’s yours? Is it chocolate? Okay, if you are female and breathing that one is a given? Shoes or shopping in general?? What is it?

My guilty pleasure is watching period drama films. I love them! In fact, my sister comes over every Tuesday for a weekly dose of handsome, dashing men in cravats. The place that has really keyed me in on several period drama miniseries is YouTube. There is a real community of movie goers on there who love these types of films and they share their love through their videos. I can’t tell you how many great conversations I’ve had with these ladies and how many DVDs I’ve purchased due to their creative undertaking.

I often wonder why I love the Period Drama so much. I’m sure it stems from my love for classic literature, history and romance. And darn it those lovely British men in cravats are just too beguiling. I did mention the cravats, didn’t I?? 😉 I’d have to say my favorite ‘recent’ films in this genre would be Pride & Prejudice (2005), Persuasion (2007), North & South (2004) and Becoming Jane (2007). I could watch those ones over and over.

I just had to add a picture here of my favorite literary hero, Captain Wentworth, played here my the wonderful Rupert Penry Jones or as we refer to him over at YouTube—RPJ.

So, now I’ve shared. Let’s hear some of your guilty pleasures. And if you too enjoy the Period Drama, please tell what your favorites are. Okay time for a tea and biscotti break. My dh just bought me a huge box of chocolate biscotti the other day. Gotta love the man.

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