I was supposed to blog yesterday,. but had myself in the day-off mode that so many of us mothers rarely (if ever) get.  I didn’t get dressed, didn’t do the laundry or dishes, and basically left myself lots of work for today.  Why is it when mothers take a day off there’s no one to pick up the slack?  I mean, when kids get a day off school we still do their lunch, comb their hair, and everything is done.  Father’s Day is when men have the right to do the things they do every weekend anyway, so perhaps every day is Father’s Day. 

How many of you women actually took the day to yourself?  How many of you received breakfast in bed, had the house cleaned, and your children were watched out for?  I called my mother yesterday and told her that once the kids grow up you have more of a break, but it isn’t the same because every weekend I wake up to my husband.  The kids are on their own now and although they did call and come over with cards and flowers (thank you to my beautiful children), it was almost lonely without them.  I spent many years wishing someone would watch them for me so I could have that day off, and now I do.  Guess we women are never happy, are we?

I declare every day Mother’s day!!!  I want you to all wish your mother another special day and tell her how much she means to you.  And if you don’t live with her, or are far away, remember that she’s missing you.  My son thought he was being cute yesterday by telling me a lovely joke about women.  “Why did the woman cross the road?” he asked.  “I don’t know,” was my response (because, being a woman, I thought of many reasons why she may be crossing that road but didn’t want to overload my poor young man brained son.  He said “better question is = what is she doing out of the kitchen???”


Sheesh…..no respect from the little pup!  But the more I thought about it, that’s really how some young people see their mothers and fathers.  The respect has gone and I’m not sure how young people today raise children in this society.  In my day we feared our parents (and no, not because they beat us!!)  Too many human rights and not enough sensibility.  Do I think we should spank our kids?  Not for me to say. I think you need to do what works for you and NOT hurt your children.   But they don’t fear us because we have kids who sue their parents for grounding them – and THEY WIN!!!!!!!!  This is the system that is working against us.

Okay, enough ranting.  I hope you all have a great week and enjoy what’s left of spring.  I’m hoping for a warm front to come this summer and a hunky pool boy to ease my burdens………

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